A really dumb question...on Your Name


I am embarrassed to ask this, but here goes:

I have a business (a Limited Liability Company) and I want to start selling on Amazon. I need to create a buyer account and then from there set up a seller account. No problem.

The very first thing I need to do on setting up the buyer (regular) amazon account is fill in the box which says ‘Your Name’ - so do I put my name or should my company name - the company is a legal entity and it is the company which is going to be selling so I am inclined to put the company name in ‘Your name’.

So which should it be, my name or the companies?

Sorry if this is a stupid question - I have searched high and low and can find no answer…


It’s been a while since I set up a new account myself, but I think I just started by creating a Seller account and the Buyer account will get set up automatically. That being said, the Buyer account shows my “Store” name and not my legal business entity.


Many thanks Dax, my store name will be the same as my company name so I will use that in the ‘Your Name’ field.

Thanks so much for such a superb site crammed full of useful information and resources - I really appreciate it:-)