About my PPC, help me


Hi guys
i have a question about my ppc . my product is 3C . i sponsored about my items ,and i tested those keywords , if i raised up the bid .for example my keyword bid is $5,or $10 and i searched this keyword on the platform,but i did not see my item on the platform, so i do not know what happened ?


What do you mean your product is “3C”?

Amazon won’t show your listing in PPC ads if you don’t have the Buy Box, so that’s the first thing to check.

Amazon also won’t show your listing if they don’t think your product is relevant to the search term (even if it’s PPC). This can happen if your listing doesn’t include the keywords you’re searching for or if the product is being listed in an inappropriate category.

Sometimes Amazon’s system is just wonky and you’ve got to just create a new campaign.


Hello Dax
thank you for your reply , and my listing has buybox and i check category , it is correct. and i am sure my keyword is relevant to my item, even though my bid is $5 or $10, i search item by keywords,. i search 30 pages ,but no display . so i donot know how to do well ?


I would pause your campaign and try duplicating it with a new one.


ok i will try it , thank you DAX


Hi Gina,

Amazon won’t show your ads every time you search or every time the customer searches your product. Impressions, clicks and sales will update by the system every 24hrs. Concentrate more on how many impressions and clicks and conversions you are getting. Optimize the campaign accordingly to reduce Acos. For more information about setting up the account you can contact us Amazon Sponsored Products


Thanks for your reply, I’m confused about PPC, too. By the way, I think “3C” means something like phone accessory, it’s a popular word among Chinese.