Adding a Free Item for every Customer order


Hello Amazon Experts,
im lunching a new product soon.
in order to get more buyers attention, i want to give a free item in addition to the main product.
the main product has amazon barcode, the present doesnt have any product because its not for sale individually.

i have both items ready to ship.
I have the 15 main items and 15 presents together in the same box, but not packed as “pairs”.
because of shipping costs , i coudnt pack the main product together with the present as a pair.
my concerns:

  1. how can i have 1 barcode for both items if they are currently seperated ?
  2. can amazon re-pack each main product and attach a present to each product ?
  3. what is the best way to handle it ?

remember that i cant pack them as a pair because of shipping costs (all the main products are inside each other to save shipping costs).

attached a simple image i’ve create in order to explain it more simple.



What you’re trying to do is impossible unless you get someone to package them together for you. Amazon won’t do it.

Your only other option would be to set the gift up as it’s own product and create a promotion that gives the “gift” item for free. I’m not 100% sure if you can actually offer it free like that, but you should be able to at least provide a large discount. This still doesn’t really accomplish what you want because it’s not automatic. The customer will have to notice the coupon and manually add the gift to their cart.


Thanks Dax, very helpful.
short question that summarize 40 minutes of chat with amazon support.

maybe i need to think about a present that can be packed inside the product.

worse case, a thank you letter can be also fine