Amazon Email Tools: Feedback Genius vs Salesbacker vs Kibly

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I put up a post that compares Feedback Genius, Salesbacker and Kibly.

You can find the entire post in the link below, but I’ve also included my conclusion here for convenience.

Feedback Genius vs Salesbacker vs Kibly

Feature set aside, if you’ve already got a bit of volume, Kibly is the clear winner from a pricing perspective, but I do have some concerns about them having worked out all the kinks. This may have changed by the time you read this review, so if you’re driven by price, you may want to check out the free trial to see for yourself.

If Kibly’s still not ready, then Salesbacker offers the best balance between price and stability. However, they are very light on features. I know they are working on adding features, so this is also some that may have changed since I’ve written the review, but they were pretty far behind Feedback Genius in terms of features.

Finally, Feedback Genius is pretty robust and very stable, but they are significantly more expensive (per thousand emails) than the other options.

So, this is how I’d summarize it:

Kibly - Good price and feature set, but I have concerns about stability
Salesbacker - Good price and stable, but very light on features
Feedback Genius - Very stable and a robust feature set, but significantly more expensive
There’s no perfect solution. In the end, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons and determine what makes the most sense for your business.