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Does anyone know of a system that can help me in choosing keywords on AmazonDoes anyone know of a system that can help me in choosing keywords on Amazon


I use either or


amazon PPC is a great way


I found a system called
it’s helps me with great keywords and a few more options for sellers


Agreed that Amazon PPC (auto campaign) is a great way to find relevant keywords. You should also do a reverse ASIN search on your competitors’ products and see what keywords they’re trying to rank for. Use free tools like Sonar for this.


I spicily use


its s great


Have you guys tried


SellerSpirit, this is a tool box for amazon seller, it is including keyword research tool, product research tool, product/keyword tracking tool.
Keyword Research tool, getting the keywords’ real search volume, clicks, sales and historical trends on Amazon support US, ca, uk,fr,de,es,it,au,india and Japan market place of Amazon.
Product Research tool, you can get the real sales of best sellers and historical trends of top 100-500 ASIN under each sub-category based on their sales amount, so it relates to the competitiveness of the category itself.
Keyword Tracker tool, Show daily rankings for your products for any keywords you choose when you perform SEO, or spy your competitor
Sales Tracker tool, Track on actual sales volume for any product on Amazon, see your competitors is getting it right and should be emulated!
Here is website:


if you want to dig into your competitors real keywords which bring them the most traffic, recommend you, this is a reverse Asin tool, there are 0.8 billing keywords updated monthly. Provide detailed data of market competition and demand.
it support US, Japan, UK, Germany, French, Italy and Spain.
here is the website:


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Check this tool and decide how useful it is to you.


Best Amazon keywords research to tool list :

  • Merchant Words
  • KeywordInspector
  • Sonar
  • Keyword Tool
  • AmaSuite