Amazon Prime Day


I’m hoping to gain some insight into what prime day has looked like for any Amazon sellers in the past? Did you notice an influx in sales? Prime shipping is currently turned on for some of our higher priced items, ones we know the sales margin is worth the extra cost, but not our average to lower priced items.

Does anyone have any experience using the regional shipping tool? Wondering if it would be worth turning on to have the ability to ship prime on cheaper items to the areas around us. Thank you!


I had very strong sales the first year (2015). Last year wasn’t as good for me, but still a very good compared to a “normal” day, so I’d say to expect at least a nice bump. It probably won’t be a crazy day unless you happen to have a good lightning deal running at a good time


How did your day end up? I did about 10x my normal sales, but that was mostly driven by Lightning Deals.


10x, that’s so exciting! It ended well with about double the sales of a normal day!