Amazon Seller tools directory


Hi! I just released an Amazon Seller software directory. Would love to know your opinion on the website. Thanks a lot!

Can be found here


It’s great, could you list my tool in the software directory?
my tool is, it’s a all-in-one tool for amazon seller
Here is the link:


absolutely! could you provide an access to test it?


I have sent the info of my software at


Super, thanks!


You have made a great job, could you plz check our service


sure, will do!


There is no doubt that Amazon is the leading online shopping portal which is growing fast and showing no signs of slowing down. Amazon has changed the way consumers shop and to sell products online now means facing stronger competitions and keeping up with the growing customer demands.
So when it comes to the warehouse management system, Amazon has been at the forefront ever since. With automated warehouses, it is estimated the Amazon is saving huge on it operational costs- almost $22 million. That is huge! Along with robots doing most of the work at an Amazon warehouse, it is also highly digitized its operations, bringing in efficiency and transforming the supply chain.