An FBA seller asked me for this tool. Should I build it?


Hey sellers! I make business tools and wanted to get your feedback.

I was chatting with an FBA seller who said he’d get value from a tool that tells you the average price of bestsellers in a given category.

He wants to generate a report every day, because that would inform how he prices his own items in that category.

I wanted to ask you folks if that’s a tool worth building. Would other people find it valuable and how much could I charge for it?

Thanks in advance!


I personally don’t see much value in that.

It seems like the kind of tool that might be useful if it were part of a larger suite, but I don’t see many people willing to pay for it alone.


Thanks for the helpful reply, Dax! Sounds like that would be a one-off tool for a single user, not something widely useful.

I’m going to keep digging for ideas about more significant tools to make, that would be instantly valuable to Amazon sellers. There are already a lot out there, like Jungle Scout or Sellics. But the marketplace is constantly shifting and it might be possible to strike gold in the gaps.

If you have more insight on that, I’m eager for the discussion. Thanks again :slight_smile: