ASINspector & Jungle Scout Review - Amazon Product Opportunity Research Tools

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I finally got around to doing a thorough review of both ASINspector and Jungle Scout:

ASINspector Review

Jungle Scout Review

I’m hoping to put together a separate post that compares the two directly at some point, but let me know if you have any questions.


I put together a post that directly compares the two:

If you don’t want to read through the entire post, my preferred tool is ultimately Jungle Scout


Hi Dax, I actually just read this post. Wow, great insight. Well done. Thank you for your effort. I wish I had time to read this earlier. Have a great one. Joe.


Thanks…I never even look at ASINspector anymore. I use Jungle Scout 100% of the time.


Hi Dax,
Great review - thanks for sharing.

What do you think of Algopix? This is a new tool I started using recently - I’d be happy to get your thoughts on this one!


Hi Scott,

I haven’t reviewed Algopix, but based on their website it seems to differentiate itself from Jungle Scout a bit. If you’re looking strictly at selling on Amazon, I’m not sure I see too much benefit other than the ability to analyze opportunities in bulk. That’s a feature I’ve wanted Jungle Scout to implement for a while.

It seems that their advantage is really looking across various marketplaces to get a broader perspective on opportunities.

Based on their approach, my guess is that they are targeting high volume sellers that carry a large number of skus. Pricing is fairly expensive, but the tool would probably be very valuable for this type of seller. If you’re mostly focused on selling private label items on Amazon, I’d say Jungle Scout is still better value.

Again, this is only based on a quick review of their website, so it’s possible that I’m missing some features.