Canton Fair Vs Global Sources Summit


Hi All,

I am a new seller, I have the opportunity to visit Hong Kong whilst the Global Sources Summit is on or go to China during the time that the Canton fair is on - to search for my first product. As it would be my first time visiting either, I’m asking for recommendations. Would you choose one over the other and why? Or simply stay put and source items from the laptop at home!

Thanks in advance


Being able to go to a fair in China is a big advantage, and would be much better than sourcing from your laptop. I would say the Canton Fair is probably the better one to attend.


As a supplier from China, I suggest to visit both for study if possible.

As a new seller (retailer), I don’t think you can buy big quantity in one time, but most Canton fair exhibitor may request higher MOQ, and long leading time.

Global sourcing: There’ll be less suppliers, but may find some supplier for easy starting an e-commerce.


I would say attending a trade show is a better and faster way of sourcing products that other e-tailers sourcing online might not have access to. However, if you’re really new and still learning the ropes, you might want to consider investing in a course or a mentor instead of the trip to China. Would be great if you can afford both. In my view, there are so many pitfalls in doing your own private label and sourcing from China that it helps to know what you’re doing. On the other hand, I’ve seen people jump right into the business and be successful. So it could work both ways. Canton Fair is great for gifts and home products, while the Global Sources shows in HK are stronger in electronics.

PS: I work for Global Sources.