China Environmental Inspection


Hello Experts,
While negotiating last terms with alibaba supplier, suddenly he changed the lead time from 35 to 45 days.
he explained it due to environmental inspection in china.
he also send me the attached document.!AvS3lB3F7PH4vgHsFLmR41CSqBXL

that means that in the good case , i will get the product mid November.
i don’t want to miss Q4 or Christmas sales.

how do you handle it ?


I am from China so I can tell you the environmental trouble is tru. It is true that many factories are closed now and then, temporarily, for the environmental inspection issue. Those factories who have to close workshops to avoid the inspection, are acctually not “environmentally” qualified. In another word, the production are “illegal”. They have to close workshops before the inspectors come and start production when the inspection opreation period is over.

However most factories in China are not environmentally qualified–that’s why the product prices are low! The workshops would start when inspectors are off, maybe during nights, or weekends, or when inspectors go to inspect another industrial area. But production and delivery date would be delayed. They will work overtime to catch up but there must be urgent orders and not-so-urgent orders. If you cannot get a priority in production, then you may have to accept a delay or pay air frieght.

But nowadays most products development or production take less than 60 days. Technology and skills are much better than before. Unless they have a lot of orders and all production lines are engaged all the time.