China native experienced sourcing agent tells you how to correctly source products from China to sell on Amazon


Hi everybody, I’m Simon:), with years of experience helping middle and small-sized business like e-commerce owners especially Amazon sellers source products they are interested in and then sell on online marketplaces like Amazon.

Amazon is getting bigger and bigger which also contributes to the development of my company More and more e-commerce owner choose Amazon as their marketplace, but experiences tell me new Amazon sellers usually tend to make lots of critical mistakes and get in totally lost in issues like getting truly the best quotes, shipping to FBA from China, private labeling their products, customized packaging, quality inspecting, etc.

Here I feel glad that daxdeegan gives me an excellent chance to share my experiences and knowledge. If you guys have any questions about sourcing from China, please don’t hesitate to ask me below.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Simon,

I wanted to start selling on amazon and I am not sure how to start. I am a entrepreneur but I am not too knowledgeable about amazon. It’s it possible to help with the step to start selling and how to find the best products to sell on Amazon? Thank you


@Jaromny_Mercedes it looks like Simon focuses mostly on sourcing products, which is different than the product selection process.

If you’ve got specific questions about getting started, feel free to ask.


Hi, Jaromny, very glad to hear you wanna expand your business via adding amazon to your marketplaces. Yeah, as mentioned by Dax, I’m specialized majorly in sourcing products from China instead of product selection. Most of my Amazon-seller customers inquiry us after they made the product selection, we then do the one-stop sourcing service with the truly best price, private labeling & customized packaging solution, etc.

Dax is pretty experienced in product selection process as I learned about, so you can ask him for further information about amazon & product selection.

Once you made the selection of the products you intend to order, please leave your product information on our site Submit your sourcing request , we will quote you the best price for free.

Hope this well help :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah, exactly, Dax, thanks for your explaining :slight_smile: