Customer Review Not Showing Up



I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else. We did a promotion and now are requesting reviews from people we know before we approach strangers. One of my partners friends said that she left a review yesterday. We looked to make sure it wasn’t in the seller feedback section and it wasn’t. She emailed us this morning and said that she tried to post the review again but that Amazon wouldn’t let her. I called Amazon Seller Support twice today and they told me that I have to bother my customer a third time and ask them to contact Amazon to ask why they can’t leave a review. I don’t know about you but this is not my idea of providing excellent customer service. Even though this is a friend of my business partner, I know he is not feeling comfortable with this either. Now, we are very concerned that if people we know are having tourble leaving reviews, what about other people? BTW, these are verified purchases in other states. Any thoughts?


@Bangbang, how much did your friend pay for the product with this promo? I
ask because there’s been some recent mention that Amazon is not recognizing
$1.00 promo as a Verified Purchase and letting people leave reviews. I ran
a $1.00 promo recently and the reviews have stuck but they have not all
come in (this was a small group of friends) - so I can let you know if any
of the reviews don’t get published. It’s been advised from some folks to
do a minimum of $1.95 for a verified purchase review and in the future, I
will only do a $1.95 or higher promotion.


Wow, yes, we ran a promo an not only were most of the products only $1, some of them were free because I screwed up and accidentally had 2 promotions running at once. This is very discouraging. Thanks for your advise on the new price point for future promotions. I appreciate your help with this.


@Bangbang, reviews by friends and family sometimes won’t stick if Amazon is able to make any kind of connection between you and the reviewer. I don’t know if that’s what happened in your case, but it does happen.


Your welcome. Good luck!


@Dax, from @Lauren reply, does this mean that if we use the “Shop with Reviews” free coupon deal, the reviews will not be appearing on Amazon as a verified purchase?


@tyla, if someone buys your product using a “free” coupon it’s still considered a Verified Purchase.


Thanks @Dax, just wanted to make sure because of what Lauren said.


That’s no longer true… just to update this. June 2016

“When an Amazon Verified Purchase badge appears next to a review, it
means we have verified that the person writing the review purchased the
product at Amazon and didn’t receive the product at a deep discount.”


You’re correct that this changed a few months back. Amazon no longer counts most discounted reviews as a verified purchase, although I do still see some slip by.

They consensus seems to be that 50% is the threshold.