Deleted My Reviews From Amazon Listing Page?


Hi Dax and Members,Today, I found SHOCKLEY that almost 37% of 60 reviews mostly by 1$ promo customers are deleted from my Amazon product page listings review area…

I wonder if anyone having the same problem? thanks for your insights and advice!


This is a common problem. It’s now recommended never to do $1 promos. Giveaways are now recommended to be done at over $1.95 price point if you want them to stick long term. Also, you must ensure your customer leave a note on their review if you give it at discount such as “I received the product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased honest review” (or similar). Amazon requires such a notice and is removing reviews that dont have it.

This is just want i heard, so please do your own research.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Brent, yes it helps a lot!
I have read similar advice of yours in other FB threads. Now, my point is how to make sure including reviewer notes. Do you think the proper way is to add such notes with the Giveaways as pre-condition? Thanks for your helpful suggestion!


Brent is right. A lot of people have been having reviews deleted recently and following his suggestion seems to be working better, although some may still be deleted.

I generally require that reviewers leave a disclaimer, it still doesn’t work all the time.


Thanks Dax, you absolutely right nothing is100% guarantee …we love to see you smile here always!


instant1, I just saw your message now and did not get email notification for some reason (not sure if Dax’s site does that or not, or maybe my account settings are not set up right, or it went into spam).

In any case, is see Dax already answered and is same as what i would say… From what i hear from others with tons of experience, make sure you tell the reviewers they need to state the disclaimer when they review.

Like Dax said, I heard too, reviews are being removed more and more and now especially since the Terms of Service update Amazon did a couple weeks ago. Sellers with tons of experience are now recommending it’s ever risky to use review groups and it’s likely amazon will be targeting those soon, along with their reviewers and there is some evidence it is happening already to a limited extent.

You can use review groups but at your own risk and understanding that these are on Amazon’s radar and subject to being removed, as opposed to using a more natural approach to gathering reviews.



Thanks Brent for these updates and tips about Amazon removal issues that impact adversely Seller’s listings.

Yes, I received the all emails from our fantastic and white listed daxdeegan community’s system. I was just quite a lot of travel and communication silence mode.

Back to the Reviews issue, please any new suggestions or thoughts on this new TOS updates on Amazon reviews issue will be appreciated. Thanks!


It’s been a couple of weeks since the terms of service update and I haven’t heard of suspensions or policy violations happening more frequently.

I will personally continue to use review clubs with the expectation that the worst that will happen is that some reviews won’t stick.


That’s about all i know at the moment instant1. It’s up to you what you want to do. I’m probably going to keep using review groups too from time to time just like Dax, but personally am looking at other creative ways to get exposure as in the long term review groups are ok to get traction, but I’m finding there’s better more profitable approaches like really taking a close look at your conversions and optimizing your listing till your blue in the face :wink:

If you have a GREAT + DIFFERENT product offering and you convert, you should be just fine selling at higher price after initial reviews are in. If not there is something wrong and you need to find the cause.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Dax for your helpful directions and advice always. Please needed a brief about the Review Clubs, as I said before more than 60% of my one product reviews are gone because of 1$ coupon promote as understood from the forum. Thanks again!


The perfect 1 reason is to get reviews deleted is:

Peoples always asking for every buyers to put reviews on his listings . And buyers also put reviews . But amazon knows well , every customers never post reviews .

Like , if you need 10 reviews . SO you will buy 10 units and you will post 10 reviews . SO amazon can understand it well this is not organic reviews and then amazon deleted those reviews .