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  1. today i have enter some words on Amazon like ‘vibrant color ink’, and the result comes one relevant listing, i have checked all its title, bullet point and product description, i can not find ‘vibrant color ink’ mentioned in its listing, is it mean that it is possible that this listing owner has input ‘vibrant color ink’ in its search terms or used this word as PPC? (has sponsored logo)

  2. and i would like to know that the keyword we use in PPC, is it better that use the frequant words or lonley words?

our product is ink cartridges, take 220xl this model as example, keyword is 220xl ink cartridge, should i use this ‘220xl ink cartridge’ as my PPC word? and provide the higher price?


Hi, most probably it’s in their back-end search terms like you mentioned. That would help them rank for that keyword phrase.