Does anyone know any promotional websites which can boost the sell on Amazon?

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Hello,I am a Chinese seller on Amazon, I am selling 3C products, like phone cases and screen protectors. Recently I found a website called Slickdeals which is a promotional website, it allows us to post some deals with discount, it is a pretty good way to boost our sell, at the same time, customer can find our products in this website instead of Amazon. Doses anyone know any other website like this? It will be great if you guys know this kind of website, we can share our opinions. I am trying to find a method which can help customer to find my products outside from Amazon.


I used to have a huge list of deal sites, but I can’t seem to find it now. It’s been a while since I used deal sites because it can be hard to get them to stick, but you can also try or


You are right, it can be hard to post the deal, but sometime we can try to contact those people who has the permission to post the deal, they can help us. Thank you for those two websites, I will check it.


Apart form the various tools or deal websites, you can try few professional companies like SunTec Web Services who are offering Amazon Store Optimization Services to boost the sale on Amazon Store.

You can email @ or visit

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I have an amazon promotional group on Facebook of over 2000 members.


I found the list of promotional sites I had mentioned in my previous post. You can download it here:

Coupon Site List.xlsx (13.2 KB)


Thanks Dax. Awesome stuff.


could you please tell me the name of the Facebook page, thanks


Dax, do you finds these sites useful for your shop? I usually find a lot of deal sites and don’t know how to use it. At most of the coupon sites that I add deals, they won’t approve my deal and publish it. So I think is it that I should join Amazon aff program? And deal sites like SD or redflagdeal, it is also very hard to post my deals…


I don’t even try using them anymore for the same reason.


There was one time sale of one product in our shop expanded without reason. After that we found out that one buyer posted an artikel in his e-magazine about it.


hello, check out our service at We have a reviewer club with 2000+ reviewers currently and increasing everyday! we are a professional team working with amz sellers and your boost may take effect in a few hours if your product is a demanding one.


do you know the website of the e-magazine, and is there any way to contact them?


We are using a repricing software, SellerLogic to increase our sales. It is perfect to get buybox. Maybe you can try it too.


woot would be need at least 500feedbacks , only old store can do this deals , thanks


Lots of deals site can post deal, Retailmenot,dealnews,Kinja,dealplus,dealmoon…so many more~

Can you share how to post a deal on sd?

Find a SD website editor or find a old user to post for you, how much for one post?