[FOR SALE] Private Label Brand: Health & Personal Care


Reason for Selling:

The reason for selling my business is because of both family and health reasons primarily.

I am ASM 3 and have recently added a product to Amazon.co.uk as well as continuing with products in Amazon.com

In Amazon.com I am in Health and personal care and on Amazon.co.uk I am in Beauty.

Monthly Revenue & Profit In Amazon.com The monthly revenue has been variable however it seems to have stabilized at approximately $2,000 per month with one product.

  • The cost per unit including shipment is $3.5
  • Sales since commencement of this product (9th Feb) has been on average 5 a day. This could be improved upon with better promotion than I have been able to do.
  • Payment from Amazon minus their charges is $9.38
  • Average amount spent on Amazon ads has been $1 per day. for this particular item.
  • The product currently has over 100 reviews

This provides about $5.58 in profit per unit sold. After the cost of advertising, profit is approximately $850.00 per month.

In Amazon.co.uk it is only just beginning so no monthly revenue as yet.

My trademark is included with the sale, along with social media accounts, website, custom packaging and supplier information and inventory.

Kind regards


How much do you want for it, Linda? Please contact me on my email: bertuseng@gmail.com


Hello Linda,

Sorry to hear you have to sell your business after all the work.
We know what it takes!
I am interested to speak to you about the offer.
Please email me at eltarianma@gmail.com to explore further.

Kind Regards



Thanks for you interest. I will reply privately to all interested parties.

Many thanks


Hi Linda,

Sorry to hear you’re selling!

Please email me at ligeorge92@gmail.com to further chat about this opportunity.



Hi Linda,

Sorry to hear about your current situation.
I am interested to hear more about your business.

If you could contact me on - info@crystalsrus.com that would be great.

Kind Regards


Hi Linda did you sell your business ?


Hi Linda

If you can let us know if you moved on from this brand/product listing and it was sold or not. If it is still available please let me know at products@brandsnova.com