Generating Reviews

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Everyone knows how important it is to get reviews, but it’s not always clear how to go about finding people willing to do it.

I’ve personally subscribe to a service called for a while (about $30/mo), but a lot of other groups have popped up so that you can accomplish the same thing for free. As far as I know, there’s no single place that lists these groups so let’s try to put one together.

Here’s a start, but please feel free to add if you know of any others. I’ve made this post a wiki, which means that community members have the ability to edit this post. Please use those privileges responsibly.

Product review program

Hi Dax

Just noting: the top two facebook groups apparently no longer exist
The third one is a closed group and its “mission statement” is it is for Book Reviews exclusively as far as I can see
Reviewkick appears to be functioning and still free.

JungleScout has a Review Club section and so does AMZTracker.
I have yet to try either, but am keen to implement a couple or a few Review groups that have been discovered as decent and helpful.

It is probably worth reconsidering which Review Club type of associations are still worthwhile pursuing, not only due to Amazon’s cracking down, but also from the % of Reviews one actually receives for almost giving away valuable items to waiting takers, with a promise of an honest review.



Thanks @MaryAnnE,

I just removed the groups you mentioned. The last one remaining right now (Review Kick) is the Jungle Scout one. I’ve used it once and it’s very well done.

I haven’t tried the AMZ Tracker one, but I’ve heard many good things about their service in general, so I actually plan on giving them a closer look in the next week or two.

I generally still use Shop with Reviews myself when I use a service. The thing I like most is that you can actually communicate directly with reviewers through their own email address. Other sites make it more difficult.

Shop with Reviews isn’t designed very well, but they recently went through a change of ownership and I know they have big plans. I’ve asked them to please allow sellers to continue being able to communicate with reviewers, but we’ll see what they do.

Regarding which resource gives you the best percentage of reviews, it’s really more of an Amazon issue. They are generally the reason most reviews aren’t getting posted these days.


Hi Dax, you still using Shop with Reviews ? Is it works well? i need product reviews desperately.

Is there any other ways to get review legally or safely

#5 This website is unavailable by now :frowning: