Help! Negative feedback


Hello everyone,
New seller on amazon here…

Today I received my very first negative seller feedback :tada: :confetti_ball: :sob:.

mistakenly, I was running 5 promotions (Percentage off) on this item, thinking each “tier” meant that the buyer had to purchase a certain amount of product to receive that promotion. Little did I know all 5 promotions applied to one order. Overall, this buyer took advantage of the promotions and got a $59.99 discount of an order that was $79.99, and I profited $0.03 :grin:.

After this customer received their items, they left me a one star review on my sellers feedback page saying “The seller needs better item packaging. Shipping from Amazon was adequate, but the seller uses flimsy packaging. Item came missing parts.”

What made me upset was the “item came missing parts” part because before shipping all these items into FBA, I triple checked to see if everything was in a perfect condition…as every seller should. So I know for a fact no parts were missing. Also “flimsy packaging?”

I contacted Amazon’s help center and they said my request didnt match their criteria so the feedback cannot be removed and I should be contacting the buyer…but the buyer does not accept messages. So I am stock.

What was really sketch about all this also was that 3 days prior to this, I noticed that there is a new seller selling my EXACT WORD FOR WORD listing with the same amount of reviews for about 80% cheaper. And guess what? 5 items in stock :expressionless:.

Have any of you been through this?
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


If you’ve already tried to get the feedback removed, I’m afraid there’s not much you can do if Amazon denied the request and the customer is blocking messages.


Hello, I’m sorry for the negative Feedback you got about your product.
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