How do I get a list of Refunds?


Does anyone know how I can get a list, by product, from Amazon of the refunds for the year?



If you go to Fulfillment Reports, there’s a Returns report under the Customer Concessions section. You can sort/filter this list in Excel, but it doesn’t give you amounts.

If you want totals by product, and not an actual list of orders, you can try to find a copy of the SKU Net Revenue Tool. It’s an Excel file that Amazon used to let you download from within your account, but they discontinued it. It’ll give you the info you want, but it’s also a pain to use.

Basically, you have to copy/paste your settlement statements into the file and it’ll organize all the data for you, including the refund information you’re looking for (by product).

I’m not sure if you can find a copy of it online. I can probably upload an old version I have on my computer if you can’t track it down.


Thank you, Dax, that was very helpful. I think I can make this work for what I need. Yay!