I am from China and I can answer all your questions about the product sources


Hi Guy, I am from China and have been operating amazon for 2 years and product sourcing for 5 years. So if you have any questions about product sourcing, problem on communicating with the suppliers, you can write your questions here. I would love to offer my answers here. Maybe I will not be so professional on the products, but I know the real reason why your suppliers said the following questions and may offer some solutions. For example:

  1. I am ill in hospital. My father got a traffic accident. so you can add my personal skype
    Maybe the person who are getting in touch with you have left her company and wanna do business
    with you all by itself.

  2. The products is get caught by the customs and you may have to wait patiently.
    The real reason is that they are late in delivering the goods even if you got the unworkable tracking
    number since we can get the tracking number from the shipping agent instantly whether they have
    got the goods in the warehouse.

They are many other situations. I am here just wanna help you guys to do well on your product
sourcing from China.



Hey Michael,

@lohi003 that is so kind of you to do. Not sure if this is something you might know but I found a product I liked but saw the supplier is also selling on amazon (sold by and shipped from amazon) do you think you should still go after the product? Their product is high in the bsr but I don’t know if I source from them if the conflict of interest would be a big factor? I looked on their brand website and it is a Chinese supplier bad jive found the product on alibaba too. Their listing is not optimized but has a bsr of less than 500. @Dax?


Do you have any tips on getting the best price from Chinese suppliers that maybe Americans would not know?


@Yu_liu hanks for your question. There is a point that large quantity will enjoy a lower price, even if you are local. As for the amazon sellers in USA, I think you should start from two ways. The first way I recommend is finding a stable Chinese partner, whether it is a buying office or a person. But it will need some time to find the suitable one. These guys can offer you lower price as well as the latest popular product in the Chinese market. The second way is spending much time on 1688.com(The Chinese version of alibaba.com), sort the price from low to high. You can get the bottom price.

As for the brand product, it is no problem in Chinese. There are many factories who are producing products following the brand company. You can provide the sample, they must can do it. Since there is also competitions between the oem factories and the brand companies. Amazon is a big market, I am not worrying about the competition there but you should have your own strategy. I am operating a cellphone shop on amazon where they are lots of same products. But I win the sales of $100,000/month after two months’ operation.


Thanks for the reply! For 1688 should I still negotiate the price or is
that the lowest price you can get for the product?


@Yu_liu Normally those guys can speak Chinese only. You can got the bottom price there and negotiate the price with sales on the alibaba.com(English version)


I see…If I negotiate on Alibaba and saw bottom price was $15 on 1688 can
I get a lower price than that? My cousin speaks fluent Chinese and I and
was considering asking her if she can help me negotiate on 1688


@Yu_liu Of course you can do it. Just let them think you are a potential large buyer and place a big order(maybe 1000pcs) for the first time. Then you
can get the bottom price for all of their price.



Thanks for offering to help. I’m sure your input will provide alot of value.

@Yu_liu, I don’t let the fact that something is sold by Amazon bother me. It’s not even something I consider when looking for a product.


Great information. Thanks


Interesting, cause I got the message from my supplier back in Dec that her dad had an accident. My gut was telling me something else was going on. Good to know all this.
Thanks Michael



hi Michael,

I just get test samples from china, and know need to find info about
what exact things I have to create on amazon site, I have a seller account ready
but what other things is needed according to create my own label - I have
a company in my country, but is it neccessary to establish something like LTD or so?

and next question I need to get my first 100 products from china to amazon warehouse
in USA/canada, How can I do that? (I think I have to set up some stuff on amazon side)



Hi Maros,

Sorry for the late reply since I am busy these days. For your own label, I think your supplier can handle everything for you
but you may need a M.O.Q for the orders. Normally it should be 500-1,000pcs. It is no need for you to establish a company
but register a brand with individual.

Second question, You can ask the supplier to offer the products to your amazon warehouse. As for the label, I think you can
use the amazon service to print the label for privacy.

Any question, pls feel free to let me know.

Thanks and regards


Hello Michael,

I am wanting to clarify what wor be cheaper, pic packaging or cardboard. I wanted to switch to cardboard but my supplier wants to charge an extra 20 cents a unit. I want to clarify that this is normal?

Thank you for your input!



Thanks michael


Hi lohi, thanks for the great info… I am not at Amazon yet… Just wanna find out more about the program… I am from Singapore and if I source from China, is it the norm that I ask the supplier to ship direct to FBA? What are the things that I should let them know?



Hi, Keelan,

Thanks for your question. To some extent, I cannot say which is cheaper but I wanna say that you can never buy a high-quality product at a extreme low price. 20 cents extra is reasonable in my opinion since they are made of different material which are in different market.


Hi, Chris,

You can ask the supplier to ship your goods to fba directly. But there is one thing I need to point out that you need to ask amazon print and handle the label for you. What’s more, you need some time to get well on with the Chinese supplier since there are many Chinese businessman will not be responsible for your shipping but just offer you a tracking number after they got the payment. I have met such problem that the products arrived in fba warehouse in the defective condition and the supplier are not responsible for it. So choose a suitable supplier and discuss them on the payment terms.


Thanks Lohi for your great advice…


Very good point with paying for quality. I am actually looking into letting go of this product and finding a new one.