I am selling one of my Amazon Brands (EU)


Reason for Selling:

I am focusing in other businesses (consulting firm). Time reason. I started an Amazon Business in 2015, i was making profit but since i jumped to a different business (my own consulting firm) I need to sell it, since i do not want to close it.

Age of Business: 2 y - 2015

Product Categories: Beauty & Personal Care - Hair Straighteners & Hair Curlers

Monthly Revenue & Profit: 2k revenue in June 2016. Currently 1k (just in one country. I have no time to take care of other markets).

What’s Included:

  • Registered EUIPO trademark
  • Domains (.it, .es, .com) with high authority DA 25 PA 38
  • Some Stock (different SKUs)
  • Suppliers Info
  • All graphics (banners, flyers, product description, logos, etc.)
  • Social Accounts
  • Amazon Listings in IT, ES, DE, FR, EN
  • Amazon product page with 58 reviews (4.2 average) in one country and 5-10 in another one

Other Information: Just ask


Hi Rinaldi

Wondering if you are still selling?

How do you envision the transfer to happen as it is not possible to transfer any AZ product listings and or own more than one account. I could create a new LLC and register this in your seller account details, only issue is it is setup, as your seller account is attached to your AZ buyer account via the email ID (AZ calls the SIV, seller id info). Did you setup the account with a different email to your AZ buyer account? The other question is did you register the brand in the brand registry? This is the other way to deal with it ie I obtain the trademark from you at EUIPO and use this to register the brand myself in the brand registry and then AZ will transfer to me the listing control of the brand/product listings.

Look forward to hearing from you on this



Are you still selling ? Is so how much?