I can not get my photo to upload


I can not get my photo to upload??? What is the trick?

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@Allen_Boston, it should be pretty easy from your Preferences page. What’s not working?

You can access your Preferences by clicking on the letter icon on the top right of the page and you should see a link. The Avatar section is where you would change your profile picture.


@Allen_Boston are you getting a specific error?

When I uploaded mine originally I got a message saying the picture wasn’t square & would be adjusted, but it did upload.


@Dax @bob I uploaded my photo and see it in the main page, but in my reply detail pages all I see is ax X in a black square. Do you see my photo at left of this post?. Did I do it right. It did say it would crop it to fit.


I go to ‘change your avatar’ I click ‘add a custom picture’ then click ‘upload picture’ I then click on a photo and nothing is uploaded. What am I missing?


I see my photo on left now so all must be fine…


@Allen_Boston, That should work, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Can you try it from a different browser and see if that works?


Yes, instead of IE I used fire fox and it worked (had to crop it)