Issues with Selling Electronic Goods on Amazon


Hi everyone,
I am looking to sell electronic goods on Amazon USA, however I have heard there can be several problems with:

  1. certification (I believe FCC and ROHS certifications are the important ones for the US market)
  2. Defective units

I am wondering if there is anyone who is successfully selling electronic goods on Amazon at the moment, and if you can please share any pitfalls you have encountered thus far (and any tips too! :smile: .



I personally avoid electric units. While I know people who sell them successfully, I also have a friend who was selling a charger that caught fire in someone’s home. That’s the kind of liability I just don’t want to have, so unless you really know what you’re doing, I’d avoid anything that plugs into a wall.

Now, you could still sell products that require a battery, but you still have the issue of quality. Aside from getting the proper certifications, it’s really about having the capital and risk tolerance to take the chance or spend the money on thoroughly testing units before they ship from China since it’s hard to judge quality based on a simple visual inspection.


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