Looking for amazon sellers for a new shopping TV show


I’m one of the founders of 8TV. We’re a new offbeat/edgy TV shopping channel in San Francisco/Silicon Valley. We’re backed by Amazon who are an investor/partner. We’re like the anti-QVC! (You can think of us as YouTube meets Amazon). We are looking to develop multiple shows about Amazon sellers and boost sales to your pages.

If it sounds interesting at all to anyone drop some comments below!


Hi Chris,

I am new here to this forum. I am also new to Amazon & just starting the whole process from the very beginning. I’ve learned a lot but feel I still have so much more to learn, especially because things change so quickly at times.
I am very interested in your show. Is it in the making or do you already have episodes to watch? I would love more info both as a viewer & maybe as a participant at some point.
Thank you so much,


Hi Chris,

Yes, I am interested in contributing content to your channel.

Please let me know next steps.


Mike Allsop