Looking For Partner For Established FBA Biz


Hi all…

I have a single product that’s done relatively well; I now have over 100 reviews (mostly 5 star), and approx 50 5 star seller feedback. I’ve decided that I’d like to find a partner who’s interested in assisting with adding a 2nd (and possibly 3rd) product (I’ve already decided on the products but I’m certainly open minded).

I thought I’d post here on Dax’s wonderful community before posting on amazing.com.

If you’re interested in joining me on this FUN ride, feel free to contact me at pz1011@aol.com.

Thank you for your time. Have a wonder-filled day! :slight_smile:


Dear Pz1011, still looking for partnership? If yes, I’d be glad to schedule a quick chat session to discuss the matter.
Here is my email: oliver.carvajal@gmail.com
Regards, Oliver


@keys2bizz - it’s easier to get someone’s attention if you tag their username with the @ symbol.

@Pz1011 - please reach out to Oliver.