***Mastermind closed!***Forming new mastermind group for new & sub $10k/mnth


I am interested in starting a new mastermind group. I am not a grad of ASM but am “all in” on private label FBA.

I am creating a mastermind group of about 10 private Label FBA sellers ( current non Private Label sellers welcome as long as you know the bent will be Private Label - I look at it as; we all can learn from others experience )

Masterminds are essential for accountability and getting outside your own head when working essentially on your own.

We will be sharing ideas from whatever your background is. But my perspective is PL and FBA. This will be the model we will focus on.
If this is where you are at, then please raise your hand to join.

The method will be google hangouts ( or other meeting form that may provide similar results ) - open to suggestions on best method to “meet”.

If you are ready to move ahead and need some accountability and some resources outside yourself, thats all I can promise.

We will likely take more than 10 to start since I expect fall out. And frankly I am not sure what the optimum number is.

If you would like to join this group send me a DM or leave a comment below.
All the best to you!