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Sorry, more questions:

  1. Once we have an order, we can send the items to Amazon Chinese local appointed warehouse and Amazon will handle all the export custom clearance in China, ocean shipment from China to U.S., import custom clearance in U.S. , local trucking deliver to end customers in U.S., is this how FBA works?

  2. Also, if I only receive 1 pcs of order, I can arrange to ship it right the way, I don’t need to wait for minimum order quantities to ship together, is that correct?

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Hi Anthony,

No, that’s not correct. Amazon will not import from China for you. You will have to import the product yourself (including customs clearance, but I recommend using a third party) and have it shipped to FBA warehouses in the US.

Amazon doesn’t require any minimum shipment or order size. You could ship just one unit if you wanted to.


Hi I may give some information on FBA shipping and importing from china yo usa.

  1. You order from a Chinese supplier, normally if the order is big enough, the supplier will arrange the shipment. They can arrange the china local shipment and customs clearance. But when the goods arrive in USA, the buyer have to handle the customs issues there.
  2. Amazon deliveries usually are small qty. So most time the buyer should find a third party to handle the shipment. from china customs clearance to FBA center checking in. You have several ways to handle the shipment
  1. Small qty, lets say under 300kgs or 400kgs, --actual weight or Volume weight(volume in cbm3)/5000, that is 1CBM=200kgs,–you can use international courier, or air freight service. At a very handsome discount you need to pay about 4USD for per kg door to door to FBA Centers. You dont have to anything, or pay extra, except leaving your number on shipping b/l for tariff calls(if any). The shipping time from your supplier to Fba center needed is about 5 to 15 days. Fedex, dhl, ups, 5 to 7 days. One stop airfreight service 10 to 15 days.

So the goods better be higher value if the quantity is small. Otherwise the freight will eat all margin.

  1. By sea. Only good deal if the volume is more than 1 or 2 CBM, or weight more than 400kgs.

You can use Amazon dragon logistic service in China. That is a logistic company belongs to or by some chance related to Amazon. This company provides one stop logistic service. You r supplier send goods to the warehouse, you or your supplier completed the documents and procedures required(a bit trouble sometimes) and paid all the costs, dragon logistic delivers your goods to Amazon FBA center. You need to pay all customs cost, tariff, all misceluous fees…….the time is abour 30 to 45 days from China to a LA warehouse. Longer time to inner land or east coast warehouse. For 1CBM you have to pay for about 500 to 600USD, 2CBM about 1000usd, in total. This is a bit more expensive than many third party logistic companies.

  1. By sea or by air, its important you have a contact number in USA in case you have to pay tarrif, or some other trouble at the customs. But many shipping services like us, can provide one stop services, that is, as importer we will handle all importing issues, the clients need to pay the custom duty to us. Generally, the customs wont charge duty on goods under 800usd in USA.


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