Need Help Getting my 50 Reviews Back Online


Need Help Getting my 50 Reviews Back Online

Hi I am Taylor I operate and am a power seller on Amazon that’s where I sell my custom made Yoga mats!!! Recently we had a rogue employee post some fake reviews and now all my reviews are missing!!! I need help getting them restored and would be very helpful into any insight or tips you can provide!

This is my product page:

Please contact me on Skype as this is an emergency to me: mike.spiral8
or email hotcommercelive @ gmail . com with any information or if you can do anything to help.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!


Also I am getting this message for new reviews:

Sorry, we are unable to accept reviews for this product. This product has limitations on submitting reviews. There can be a number of reasons for this, including unusual reviewing activity.


The correct URL is: