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Yes, I usually add it on the same label, right underneath the code.


Hi Dax,
I’ve made my shipping order and I noticed while sending my shipping labels to my supplier that my labels don’t have the color of my product but the sku represents a color and the quantity in each box . Do I need to redo shipping label and add the color ? When I completed my shipping order everything was complete with addresses to amazon warehouse my product going to .
I also try to go back to see if I did something wrong in the shipping order but I can’t seem to get back to that page .
Thanks in advance


The shipping label doesn’t have to say what the color is, but the FNKSU on each unit does have to be unique for each variation.

That being said, when you create your shipment, Amazon will ask you for the contents of the shipping box so they know what to expect. This will allow them to match up the shipping label with the contents inside, but it’s internally tracked so you won’t actually see it printed on the label.


Thank you so much Dax.


Can you recommend a custom broker to deal with documentation for my shipment. I’m shipping by sea


Hi Dax, need your help and advice, so much!

Me and my friend have started a private label product on Amazon FBA.
We actually have a great quality product, and about 70 reviews, almost all
of them are 5 stars.
We did our best on listing, but actually have no sales!
The conversion is lower than 10%!
We spent days and nights trying to find the way out, but still have no idea
where we made a mistake!
Here’s our listing

You are our last chance, we appreciate any advice, any comment!


I share a couple of recommendations on the Resources Page


If your conversion rate is below 10%, then your issue is most likely the listing itself.

The images aren’t too bad, but I would try to have the copywriting re-done by a native English speaker. There are grammatical mistakes that may be turning off buyers.

The other challenge is that there’s almost a “quality” war. Just about every competing product has either 4.5 or 5 stars, so buyers have to focus on other elements to make a decision. Unless you have a differentiating factor, they will likely turn to either price or quantity of reviews when making their decision.

You don’t want to compete on price and I wouldn’t recommend trying to get fake reviews, so you should try to focus on ways to differentiate your product. It’ll be tough since this is a fairly standard item, but you should spend some time trying to figure out if your product is different / better in any way.


Thanks, Dax!
Your advice helps a lot!
We will concentrate on these problems.


Thank you Dax


Hi, what kind of products you selling?


Hi this is Tamra urioste again I took your advice and called Flex part 4 shipping from China to Dallas and the price is kind of high its like $2,000 from door to door my supplier was suggesting CIF flexport said getting Customs on Dallas side is much more money than that I wanted to know if that is a reasonable cost $2,000 is half of what I’m spending on my product if you can give me some good advice I would appreciate it thank you dac


There are some fixed costs associated with shipping by sea, so the price doesn’t seem unreasonable. Other than getting quotes from a few different companies, there’s not much else I can recommend.


In my experience dallas warehouse takes small parcels by air. I mean if i create a shipping plan by small parcels, mostly products are sent to Dallas.
So uou are quoted 2000usd for an air shipment? What is the product? Weight? Sizes? I can calculate the cost and give you some advice. We have a few deliveries to FBA centers every week, both for our own shop and also for our amazon seller customers.


By sea not flight any help will be appreciated
Thanks tamra


What is volume of the goods?


50 boxes 30 products in a box


To get a price you have to give information like goods volumes-3cbm? 4cbm?(for sea freight calculating, you have to give carton sizes to calculate a pallet packing volume). weight(make sure not over weighted), where to pick up(for domistic freight), value(for tariff), trading terms(who will pay customs costs and port charges?),
are you registered importer? customs bond (it dosnt matter if you are not. Brokers can do everything for you ).

If it is your first time importing products, I guess all you need to do is to have your supplier or a fowarder to quote you DDU or DDP, so that you spare all the troubles in logistics. Just ask more companies to compare the price. You can ask Amazon dragon boat logistics. They arenot cheap but also wont quote too high. They have standard charges. But you have to offer all the information and documents they need. Dragon boat is good for Amazon FBA cargoes by sea. But the air freights are more expensive than most airfreight companies.


Hi Dax have another question. My Inventory arrived at Amazon warehouse . My product page won’t show up in get a opps page , my Inventory is still being processed 99% done one color is complete
Ps.used forest shipping they were grest


Hi Tamra,

I’m not sure what you’re question is…