Ordered 1st Inventory


I finally ordered my first product inventory!!! Yay, now I feel like I can move forward!!!


That’s awesome…I’m glad to hear it!


So I have a question Dax. I ordered my inventory, put down 30% and she said it takes 2 weeks. I have tried to communicate via skype and email with the supplier because I need the dimensions and stuff of the boxes so I can put it on Amazon and get the shipping address. I did this a day after i ordered. She replied 2 days later and said she is at home these days and her dad had a car accident and to add her to her personal Skype if any questions. So I have been patiently waiting for her reply. Have not received any. I requested her personal Skype like she said, and no response still, its been almost 2 weeks this week. I am wondering if there is something else with this going on. I am trying not to think negative about it but… I am thinking of dusting her and moving on to another supplier. But not sure I a want to do that either . Cause maybe the car accident is real with her dad, I don’t know, plus she has 30% of my money. I did pay by credit card through paypal. she is a gold supplier to
In the mean time I have been researching other products to.
any advice!!!


See if you can reach someone else in the company through Alibaba. Also keep trying to reach the girl and let her know if you don’t hear back in the next couple of days, you will have to cancel the order.

If you don’t get a timely response, cancel the order through PayPal and move on with another supplier. If someone gets back to you, try to find out exactly what the status is and see if they can send you pictures.


Yes I sent an email to the supplier to see if anyone else is there for it. They usually reply at night so I will see what happens in the next couple days and keep you posted. The payment went through already but Paypal should still be able to give me a refund, right, it was on my credit card.

Thanks for your help.


Yes, you should still be able to dispute the transaction through PayPal as a worst case scenario if you have to. Use it as a last resort though.


Hi Dax

Another lady emailed me last night about my supplier and said that she is on maternity leave and she is taking over the account. She said she went through the emails of the order and said it would be ready around Feb 5, So I sent a message back asking for what I need but she hasn’t replied yet.



can I enter the information on Amazon without the dimensions or not?


OK, I’m glad to hear someone reached out to you. I’m still a bit uneasy about the poor communication, so try to stay in regular contact with them through your first order and let me know if they do or say anything that seems odd. Make sure to get pictures of your order packed in boxes and ready to ship before sending final payment. This is a very common request, so they should easily be able to do it.

Try not to be too worried though. The fact that they allowed you to pay with PayPal is enough for me to think you won’t have any trouble, but it’s still better to be safe.

To answer your second question, you can create the Amazon listing without the dimensions, but you’ll need it before you send inventory to one of their fulfillment centers.


Yes I am still wondering to. My original lady was good at keeping in contact with me overnight actually. Thats why I got a bit concerned when I placed the order and suddenly I didn’t hear from her. And mainly to if this gal will get everything right the way I talked about it with the other one. But I am keeping my senses awake regarding this to. And ok I will start to put it up. I am looking forward to Vegas. I am sure it will get everyone refired up, lol


Dax I am trying to fill out the forms for shipping but it says I need how many boxes and how many inside, so I guess I do need this from supplier so I will wait to hear back. I think I was confused on what I was doing, lol, I can go to seller central and add my temporary listing which I did that already, but can I add to that listing my bigger listing, or do I need to wait to get images and stuff from supplier?


That’s right. Once you try to send inventory in to Amazon, you’ll need the weight and dimensions for the shipment.

I’m not sure what you mean by “temporary listing” and “bigger listing”. Can you explain that better?


I meant when we had to put up the listing the video but it said we can go back and add to it, maybe I was supposed to put up the listing at that time, lol, its hard to explain, because I have no inventory yet but i needed to get the FNSKU number


You can update your listing at any time.


Hi Dax
My product is done and I sent final payment today. The supplier closes in 2 days for a month for Chinese New Year. lol, I am having issues with listing the product. I watched the videos again in Module 4 about the Text Wrangler Template and I did all that awhile back, but I am not understanding how to get the listing up on amazon before they get the shipment. I think this is something I would like to outsource, haha, I am not very computer savey when it comes to this stuff. I was trying to get it done today before I leave for Las Vegas, we leave tonight. We are staying at the Venetian. When do you arrive? I am looking forward to it but am frustrated on this listing part. I was trying to find something on one of your videos but cannot find,

thanks for help,


From your previous messages, it sounds like you already have the listing up, but you need to edit it so that it’s in final form. Is that what you’re trying to do? Or are you trying to figure out how to actually arrange to get your inventory to Amazon?


haha well I guess I actually didn’t have the listing up, just what it was, but not the details, oops Yes I need to edit it, and there is no “edit” button just 'relist"

I did the shipments to Amazon, 3 different addresses I sent the PDF to supplier


OK, great. It sounds like you’ve got it figured out now, right?


That’s Fantastic… Onwards and Upwards… :smile:


Hi Dax
It was great speaking to you on Sunday at the event. I am back up and running with my laptop. Got it fixed now, lol.

About my images, I do have the ones the supplier sent me but They are not good enough to put up. I think anyways. You said on Sunday to get Amazon to send me a block when they get them. So Should I contact them before it gets there and say to send me one or when they give me the notice that it is there? Not sure how to handle this. lol, Should I upload one of the ones she gave me until I get better pictures? I am not sure there is a white background with them though. Like how Amazon wants the white background.