Ordered 1st Inventory


Also She said she would send me better images before it was shipped and she never. I noticed she was on skype on monday and I talked to her, the warehouse is closed for a month but office is only closed Feb 16-23, I asked her to send me more pictures and she said she can’t cause its been shipped.


Once your inventory arrives, you’ll want to create a Multi-channel
Fulfillment order. You can set it up within your account…you don’t have
to contact Amazon support.

If you’re not sure how to do it, just post a message here once the
inventory arrives.


Ok will do


Hi Dax

My inventory arrived at 2 locations , Yahooooo, I am waiting for 1 more. How do I do this Multi-channel Fullfillment order to get an image of it up?



Go to your Manage Inventory page and click on the Edit button. From there
you’ll see an option to create a Multi-channel Fulfillment order and it’s
pretty straightforward from there.


I went to the Multi Channel Fulfillment page and it says Its only for domestic orders. I am in Canada and Canada isn’t on the list. Do I sign up for International Shipping? It says you can.


Also is it the “Manage Inventory” button or “Manage FBA Inventory”


It doesn’t matter where you are located, but you can only have it shipped to a US address.

I think you can initiate it from either the Manage Inventory page or the Manage FBA Inventory page, but I always just use the Manage Inventory one.