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Hello all!

My name is Opal. I have been providing authentic and professional reviews since 2011.

I have been reviewing since the beginning, where we had to leave disclaimers yet somehow give our readers a sense of authenticity- despite the fact that we were given free products to review. Back when sellers had full control over whom they wanted to review their products based off of their “Amazon portfolio”
My ranking was under 4,XXX until Amazon changed their TOS- and I lost half of my 1,000+ authentic upvotes.
I have provided a number of services to fellow sellers to include professional videos,photos, how-to, and demos.
I also ran a vey successful review group where I single
Handily trained 1,000 reviews to product high quality reviews and distributed codes, daily. Often, we used keywords instead of direct-link purchases to boost products on amazon.
I ended up doing away with my group- as it was EXTREMELY time consuming to ultimately babysit 1,000 people.
I have also written product pages, keywords, and five point descriptions (often for sellers who struggle with the English grammar) I have a proven track record of increased sales.
Last but not list, I have hosted “promotional giveaways” on instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

I’m extremely knowledgeable when it comes to online marketing and sales analysis. I know how to find the “type” of person whose more likely to purchase your product and if the demographic background is predominantly a certain category of people- I customize my video to target that group that’s more likely to purchase your product.
I’m be learned so many tricks and trades of selling products on amazon- and have offered so much insight to new sellers! I loved it!

I took a six month break to handle some personal affairs- but am looking for a select group of sellers I can offer my services too. I am choosy when deciding to do business, because I care about my authentic reputation for amazon. I will not be involved with a seller/reviewer that has a history of “fake” reviews.

I have a studio, 18mp camera with lighting and backdrops. I also have models to help promote certain products that need one- to include infants, children, men, women, and even pets!

I am enthusiastic, honest, and very eager to get back to what I truly enjoy.
I am currently using vipon and extremerebate- however it lacks personal relationship with sellers.

Does anyone know of way to personally connect, to “scout” new sellers who need help?,

Any input would be great!


need review services please response me


Will you send me a PM please?


Hello dear-


Are you from US? I need some reviews, thanks !


Hello, I’m a seller, I need help for reviews, please pm:grinning: