Request for Free Product in Exchange for Review


Hi - Someone contacted me and would like a free product in exchange for a review - they only gave me their name and mailing address - no profile. Should I be concerned or is this common? Any comments appreciated. Thanks.


It’s not really common, but I wouldn’t be concerned about it. You can ask
them for their profile to see what kind of reviews they write, then just
create a single use coupon for them.



When you have a moment, can you please go over the steps for creating a single use coupon? We had a very confusing experience with creating a promotion for money off and it resulted in people buying multiple units of our product at the discounted price. I read the advice on the ASM forum but I’m still not very comfortable with it. When creating the money off promotion, I spoke with 5 different people at Amazon and none of them seemed very certain on how promotions worked.

Thanks a bunch!



This post walks through the steps:


@Dax, just now I try to do it but can’t entre into this link.


Hi @Jan,

I’m sorry, but the post I linked to is actually in a protected part of the forum for some of my past coaching students.


Ok, thanks, I understand


Free iPad case in exchange for 5 stars review.