Selling DVDs ...with help from Jeff


For others who follow in my footsteps of wanting to sell DVD titles they produce themselves on Amazon and a note about

Amazon policy states that you are allowed to sell DVDs produced yourself so long as you make it clear when applying to sell in the restricted DVD category. I have produced niche DVDs for 10 years through my company and have a ton of paperwork to prove it. I thought I would have no problem…wrong!

When you apply to sell in the DVD category the first question is ‘Can you supply invoices for the past three months from the distributor who you buy your DVDs from’ - of course the answer to that fro me is no as I AM the distributor and producer of the DVD. Answer no and it’s an immediate refusal with no opportunity to put your case.

To cut a very long story short I went through a lot of phone calls and e-mails where I was told I could sell, only to be refused when I submit all my paper work because…I had to supply 3 invoices from the distributor.Arrrrgh!

When they refused to discuss it any further I e-mailed the case number and ‘Look at this case from the beginning , is this what you call customer service’ to - I heard nothing back for a few weeks and thought the matter was dead.

I had a reply today saying I was now approved to sell DVDs, an apology for the way the case was handled and a promise that coaching is being given to the entire DVD team to make sure it was not repeated.

So if you are really sure of your ground and feel you have not had a fair hearing it appears e-mailing jeff really does work :slight_smile:


I’ve had a couple of situations where I had to reach out directly to Jeff’s team through that email address and have also had a positive experience. If you have a legitimate case to make, they seem very willing to hear your side of the story on issues.