Shipping from China to port ,what do I need to know


I’m new and would like information on what to do when my product reaches a port from China


There are too many things that can go wrong if you try to handle importing by sea on your own, especially when you’re just getting started. The best thing to do is work with a freight forwarder.

I recommend a couple on the Resources page: WIKI: Member Resource List


Thanks Coach,
Freight forwarder I was reading your info on Barcode and sku do I need to send these to my supplier to place on box and product


You only need either a UPC code or FNSKU, but not both. I’d recommend just having your supplier add the FNSKU on the box. Make sure you also include Made in China.

You don’t need to have anything on the product itself.


Hey can give me some advice on Central seller site . I’m having difficulties placing my product on that app I have done all the requirements and ready to get shipped but I can’t get it SK fnsku code until I set up an account there and I need a product I can’t get past the first page it won’t save and it won’t finish I change my categories I change my browser allows for help to the communities and I’m not sure on what I’m doing wrong that it won’t go to the next page or my son or my Seller Central account so coach if you have any advice I would love it thank you for your


Hi @Tamra_Urioste,

I’m not sure where you’re stuck, so it’s hard to help you. I can see what I can do if you post a screenshot, but it might be easier to just contact Seller Support.


Thanks Coach,
I’ve reached out to seller central twice haven’t heard back . Will keep trying
Thank you


Dax, do I have to label my product that is in another packing box @ one box contains 20 pieces do I have to Label my product and packing box? shipping from China . Also any help on Variations i have three colors and this is very confusing ,Im all set up with my seller central account product is waiting for labeling I’m getting conflicting answers on labels
Thank you and love this page


Each of the 20 individual sellable unit should be labeled with a UPC or FNSKU code. Each shipping carton (that contains the 20 individual units) should be labeled with an FBA shipping label.

What’s your specific question on variations? It’s hard to help without knowing where you’re getting confused.


Thank you Dax.


Hi Dax ,
When shipping over sea my product boxes have fba labels and do I add my company name as well. I’m just starting out and have a private label and website


Adding your company name to your product packaging is a good idea, but it’s
not required.