Supplier Issue Question


I recently started a PL and the supplier in China sent me the wrong color item. I had to cancel several orders and hand out Amazon gift cards as “damage control”. It is not feasible to return the shipment, however I will be able to sell it for slightly less than the same item in the color I ordered.

I asked the manufacturer what they can do to make it right. Their offer is a 14% discount per item on my next order…which after shipping is a 7.5% discount.

This seems low to me. Has anybody worked with correcting order mistakes from Chinese manufacturers? I would feel better if they would offer a 10-15% discount on the next total order. Any suggestions on how to deal with them or the chances of them increasing the discount? Their product is the best quality Ive found and I would like to continue purchasing from them…especially if I feel they take adequate action to fix this issue.



In China, the buyer can return the goods and ask the supplier to make new production. But if the goods have been delivered to overseas customers, the supplier wouldn’t take them back as the freight and duty and other costs would be higher than the value of the goods. So it is a good deal for them to give discount to have the wrong goods sold. Of cause if the quality is really bad and customers couldn’t sell, the suppliers have to give compensation, at least they should make new delivery all free. So, you can always ask for a reasonable discount. If the suppliers want to have long term business with you, they will accept a reasonable discount. Unless they believe they wouldn’t have much good business from you in future. If the quality is wrong, you can always push to get a reasonable compensation. Unless the wrong color you talked about is just color deviation which they considered not so serious. In printing industry in China, many factories wouldn’t pay much attention to the “color deviation” until they got many times lessons.