Total costs of shipping, freight forwarding & quality assurance


Hi everyone, been searching for days and really can’t find helpful answers… unfortunately no one is saying what’s the total cost they paid on their first shipment order from China to Amazon FBA in the USA, so a newbie could have an idea / estimation (not necessarily accurate quotation)… i mean what did it cost them to move it from supplier in China to Amazon FBA warehouse…

In my case, i was shocked when i used AMZ calculator (by air) to find out that shipment with below description would cost $3000. And even by sea, AMZ mentions that it’s 70% cheaper (which makes my shipping fees around $900 by sea for the same shipment)… please see below:

300 units
Inventory total cost: $1900
Quantity: 300 units
Weight: 2.1 pounds per item
Dimensions: 12.4 x 8 x 5.2 inches per item

$3k to ship this by air, or $900 to ship it by sea. Still did NOT figure out what Quality Assurance fees and Freight Forwarding fees. So are these costs realistic? Because it seems for such product order i’ll require a budget of at least $6k for 300 units and i still didn’t market it yet…