Transferring Seller Account to new Owner


I have an interested party willing to buy my product but want my seller account to be included in the sale.

Is this possible?
How do you go about transferring ownership to new owner?
Would you recommend doing this?
Any other thoughts/guidance/advice appreciated.




I’ve never done that, but I THINK the only way to do it is by selling the entire entity it’s registered to.

The account is tied to a federal id number, and I don’t know if that can be changed once it’s set up. You’d want to find out from Amazon if that’s the case, but even if it can be changed, you want to consider any tax consequences. For example, if you were to transfer the account in October, my guess is that the full year of sales would be attributed to the new owner.

That’s something I don’t know the answer to, but you should look into.


Contact or
They can help you with legal services and stuff


It is against TOS to transfer or sell a Seller Account, but I don’t see an issue if you change the Account details to the new registered company of the new owner. The issue is the account (depending if you used the same email id) will be associated only via email id to your AZ buyer account. You would first have to get approval from Seller Performance to change the email id to the new owners company email. Once that is approved, then changing the account details makes more sense and should work. The better solution is the new owner opens their own account ie company details and email and then with your approval applies for a trademark, once approved they apply to AZ brand registry and once approved there are give full control of the product listings (only losing the sales history of course). I am not a lawyer but that is what I know from discussions with Amazon as we are in the business of buying brands and selling brands so we have to get it right. btw the other issue for us is the product identifer codes and how you did that ie it is best to have an account at GS1 and all products in one block then have this transfer to a new owners account.