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Has anyone used any of the VA assistants from the PHYSICAL PROFITS page? Let me now how good they are if you have. I hear Philipino are the best but there is one from India I am considering. Any feedback for me?



Hi Shelley,

I personally know owners of a company based out of India providing this type of service for US customers. The name of the company is New Life Solutions Operations - Contact Santhosh @ 1-860-869-2398 or email him @ You can tell him I referred you. I’m not sure on their rates, but from what I understand they are pretty good. I have a power point document about their company which I can send you a copy of if you are interested.



Hi Donna

Thanks for the information. Yes you can send me the link of the company.

Thanks again.


Sorry Shelley, I found I had posted the wrong contact number, please call 1-860-796-3838. I’ll get you the rest of the info ASAP


Hi Shelley,

They have rebranded their name to Boss and their website is and they are located in Chennai, India.
I’ve attached their brochure but please use the 1-860-796-3838 number and contact Santhosh for calling & establishing business from the US.
Boss Brochure - VA.doc (507 KB)



Thanks Donna