Very interested in joining a Mastermind group


Have been live with our product for almost 2 months. Sales are increasing steadily. Am ASM4.

Looking to join a Mastermind group as I feel this type of group is incredibly valuable. I am currently working the business fulltime but it is basically just me and would like to be part of a group of like minded people.

Does anyone have any openings please?


I am also interested in a mastermind group and also working on ASM by myself.
Could use some help as well.


Hi Geoffrey,

Did you get a response from anyone yet regarding a master mind group? I have not heard from anyone yet.




Hi Tia, I haven’t heard from anyone yet. But I’ll keep trying to organize a group of my own if needed.Thank you for your response.Also,Let me know if you would be interested in forming a group.Best of luck with ASM.Geoff


Hi Geoffrey,

Thanks for getting back to me. Its a bit disappointing that we didn’t get any response. Was really hoping to connect with some of the folks that are really moving in their business. Maybe they are just too busy. If you form one I would appreciate being a part of the group. There is strength in numbers :slight_smile:

Thank you,



Hello Tia and Geoffrey !

I’m a french guy who is doing some PL in Europe since a few months. I have already sold around 3000 units and I’m looking for other guys to form a mastermind and go to the next level.

I plan to launch new products very soon and reach my goal of 100 pieces/day at the end of this year. My goal for next year is to reach 500 sales/day at the end of 2016.

We could maybe start a group even if we are only 3 at the beginning ?
What do you think ?



Hello Maxime,

You are doing a great job! Congratulations. I would be very interested in forming a group even if only 3. I’m sure it will build over time. I am available most any time and can do Skype or another form of communication. Hopefully Geoffrey will be interested too and we can begin our group. I am getting ready to place the order for our 2nd product and plan to have 8 products live by the end of 2016. I have a partner, William, who is a silent partner at this point but hopes to be working our business full-time by the end of 2016.

Thanks very much for reaching out to us.



Hi Tia and thanks for your quick anwser.

What are the next steps ? Could you reach out to Geoffrey and see if he is still interested ?
I will send to you by private message my different IDs (skype, google …).

Looking forward to hearing from you


Hi Maxime. I will reach out to Geoffrey tomorrow afternoon and, if you approve and he is interested I will forward your different IDs to him with the hope that we can schedule our 1st online meeting soon.

Thanks again for your willingness to form a group. Even though we may not be as experienced as others at least we will have support from each other and someone to try out different ideas with.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.



Hi Geoffrey,

I apologize for this late response. I did hear from another member, Maxime, that is interested in joining a group. We didn’t receive response from any more experienced members but Maxime and I would like to move forward with one of our own because really need some support and maybe even some accountability:) I don’t know how to private message you on this community so I am including my company email address. Will you please contact me soon? Thank you Geoffrey. I hope that the 3 of us can get started right away. Email:


Hi Maxime,

I apologize for this late response. I just reached out to Geoffrey to see if he is still interested. I am still very interested. This past month has been really busy for me so I was not able to move forward but am ready to start right away if you still have time and interest. I don’t know how to private message in this community so I am including my business email address. Would you mind writing back soon so that we can move forward? I am eager to work with others and give/get support and accountability. Thanks Maxime. I am excited to be moving forward with our new mastermind group!



Hey everyone,

Just emailed Tia. I am an ASM 5 student, doing about 15K/mo in revenue. Would love to join a mastermind group.

Feel free to email me -



We work with Amazon sellers of all levels and our mastermind groups are organized based on what your level is and what you want to achieve with your business. We have been sourcing, manufacturing, private labeling and importing for the big chain stores for over 35 years. We are sharing our secrets, the secrets the big guys wont share. We too sell on Amazon and share our Amazon experience as well. We have created programs and mastermind groups that help entrepreneurs in their business day by day with a focus on sourcing and importing product, nationally and internationally, we even have a China trip to the Canton Fair. Please reach out to us for assistance.


Hello everyone,

I emailed Tia this morning. I am too very interested in joining a Mastermind group. I am ASM4 with 1 live product and in the works for a 2nd product. I plan to launch at least 3 new products this year. I am doing this full time. My husband just launched a product as well but he is doing this part time (he has his full time business).

I am from Montreal, Quebec.



Hi Chantal.

Jason and I have started a mastermind group. We will be meeting (online) on the 22nd of January to finalize the structure and set up schedules. I would love to have you join. We ask that anyone interested be very serious and ready to commit to at least one meeting per week. I didn’t receive an email but did see your post. If you are comfortable with doing so, please include your e mail address and I’ll send you contact info.

Thanks Chantal. I look forward to working with you!


This is very good news, thank you Tia. I am serious because I know it can help me and I can help others. I am in the Eastern time zone and available pretty well all day and the evenings from Monday to Thursday.

My email address is

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hello! I am unsure if there is room in this mastermind group but I am very interested, if so. I will message Tia through email. Thank you!


can i join your group ? i am looking for a group i can contribute to and we all grow together


Will you please tell us about your self? Which ASM are you in? How many products live? Currently mostly sales? Goal for 2016.

Thank you,



ASM3 but mainly started last year . 3 main products 20000 $ per month.
Goal 250000 $ per month for 2016