Very interested in joining a Mastermind group


Will you please share your phone number and email? You may sent it to my personal email This way we can connect and discuss our group, goals, etc. Once I get the email with your number I’ll give you a call. Where are you located? Time zone?




Hi Tia

I’m literally new to Amazon biz but have been studying about it for a few months. A bit reluctant to pull the trigger due to uncertainty about this business, Also having the same mindset of people around is as important as knowing the biz. I like to join your mastermind group. By doing so, it will motivated me to get the ball rolling and get influenced by you all. Do you think I’m qualified to join as a newbie for this group?



Hi Bo.

Our group requires that you have a minimum of 1 product live on Amazon and sales of approximately $5,000 per month or more. It also requires that participants be a member of the ASM courses. We do this so that we are all closer to being in the same place from our businesses stand point. Please feel free to reach out to us again in the future once you get going with your business.

It is a bit scary pulling the trigger but you can always start with just one small product that you can even purchase at Koles Imports - . You can buy a dozen of something that you can put up on Amazon to get your feet wet.

Best of luck on your adventure. Its not as bad as it seems. The scariest part is just pulling the trigger.



I seemed to have missed your email and am only now seeing it. Sorry for the delay. Are you comfortable sharing your email so that we may get in touch regarding joining the Master Mind Group?
Thank you.




How to join the Mastermind Group?