Want to be part of an E Commerce Mastermind?


Hi all, We have a newer mastermind group going.

Masterminds are essential for accountability and getting outside your own head when working essentially on your own. And really for those that want to get serious and plow through road blocks. We all have them.

We also share ideas and a whole lot more.

If this is where you are at, then please raise your hand to join. We have recently had a few spots open.

We us a free app called “Zoom” which allows for multiple persons to attend via video…

If you are ready to move ahead and need some accountability and some resources outside yourself, thats all I can promise.

If you would like to join this group reach out to me- My email is lajemand@gmail.com. You will need a log in. We currently meet on Wednesday night at 8:45pm EST.

All the best to you!


OOps mis posted


Hi tisha please reply from a personal email if really interested



I would like to be included in this mastermind group.
Success to All.


Hi Trudy.
What are you currently doing in the ecommerce world?
Are you able to meet ( virtually ) on Thursday nights at 7:45 pm EST?
Commitment is key.



Hi Iman5 I’d be glad to join your mastermind group. Kindly add me too.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Oliver
The group is not currently open. Hit me up in the future.
Much success to u


I have created a new category for people who are interested in starting a mastermind group or joining an existing one.