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@Dax I just signed up and start posting. We hope this new community platform will be active and most likely it is to succeed and benefit all the PP members. Also, hoping this platform will eliminate the existing drawbacks and enhance significantly the poor search functionality. Thanks for your innovative ideas!


Hi Dax

Anything that improves our Community is much Appreciated…


aweosome Dax!


Just replying to see how this works! Thanks for setting this up!


Lovely Jobly. Cheers Dax.


This is gonna be gr8 and easy to access. Thanks Dax.


Thank you Dax. Part of the stress is managing information. You’re going above and beyond for us and I hope I’ll be able help others one day like you’re helping us.


Hi all, I am Allen from central Illinois, ASM4


Hi@Dax just checking in to see if I can figure out how to post on this site!! Learning something new everyday!!


HI I am Marianna form ASM3


Hi. My name is Kirk, and I’m an Amazonholic.


Kat here, from ASM4.
Dax, this is excellent. Thank you!


Is this the ASM4 community? LOL… it says community, so I’m not sure!


Thanks, Dax.
Thanks everyone, for being here! I’m ASM4.


@Stephen_Tay & @Susette, there is a private section for ASM members. I’ve just provided you both with access, so you should see it going forward.


Hi everyone I’m Vicky from ASM 4. Thanks for setting this up Dax- it will be great to be able to search for topics. Just one question - how is everyone accessing it when they are “out and about” on their phone etc? I am used to having the Facebook app on my phone as I’m sure most people do.


Hi Everyone

Thanks for setting up Dax. looking forward to becoming proficient>…


@VickyH use your phone browser and login from there. It works at least on Safari for iPhone.