Welcome to the Community


Hello everyone,
Just got into the community and cannot wait to get started.
I can tell all ready that this is going to be awesome Thanx Dax!


@Stephen_Tay, This is a general community. There is a specific ASM category with ASM3ers & ASM4ers that Dax has provided you access to


FYI everyone - there is a private section for ASM members, but this topic is actually part of the public area of the forum that anyone can see.

If you want your posts to only be visible to other ASM members, make sure you post in the proper category.



Glad to be here and looking forward to a sharing community for the benefit of all. Cheers!


just checking to see If I am in the right place. lol


How do i know if Im in the private ASM category? @Dax


@Joyce, anything in the ASM category (or subcategories) is private. Right now, all other categories you have access to are public. I’ve just edited the ASM category name to explicitly say that it’s private, so hopefully this helps as a reminder.


Looking forward to more great information that is always shared in this group


Where is the explanation of trust levels? Just curious. No link above.



Found it:


Thanks, Dax. This looks amazing!


Thank you Dax, This will take some time getting used to but It seems like a great platform, I love the idea of bookmarking important stuff, I often lose stuff that I need on facebook.


Hello, Ryan from Atlanta here. Being doing FBA since May and really enjoying it. For 2015 I am wanting to take the leap into PL products


@rkt13, thanks for joining. Can you tell us what kind of FBA business you are running now?


Definitely. I have been doing mostly RA with some OA and some thrifting.
Had a great first 4th quarter and now very excited to look into doing PL


That’s great! Did you just start doing this by trial and error, or did you buy a course to show you how to get started?


I’ve been working from home full-time since 2009 but was looking for some
additional revenue streams. I really enjoy podcasts and I heard about fba
through a podcast. Thought it sounded very interesting so started trying
some things out. I guess it has been mostly trial and error but I have
bought some books and courses. I bought both of Chris green’s books. Bought
Jim cockrums ces conference videos, his book and joined my silent team. I
am going to get his PL course. I’ve bought several other books on FBA and
some courses from Jessica larrew. Still newer to it all but really enjoying
it. Sorry for any typos I’m on my phone.


@rkt13, thanks for the information. It’s interesting to see how other people have gotten started in this business.

I’m primarily a private label seller, but have heard good things about Chris Green’s books for arbitrage strategies. I’m also very familiar with a lot of Jim Cockrum’s stuff, but haven’t purchased any of his conference videos.

As an FYI, if you do decide to purchase Jim’s Proven Private Label course, I do offer some notes and access to a private area of the forum for members who purchase through my affiliate link.


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Hi, I´m Ana from Mexico.
Thanks Dax, this is going to be very helpful for all of us.