What are the Best Ways to Drive traffic to Amazon from outside of Amazon?


What are the best ways to bring potential customers from outside of Amazon to my Amazon product page?

Getting on the first page of Amazon for our targeted keywords is getting more & more difficult due to the amount of people selling on Amazon also selling Private Label products, and the costs of Amazon ads are getting much more expensive for the same reason.

How and where can I find/drive additional traffic to my Amazon product page, which will in turn help me rank better in Amazon organically? What are the most effective paid and free traffic ideas/resources?


This will depend somewhat on your product. If you’re driving traffic off of Amazon, it’s like anything else…you want to be where your customers are. For some products, this might be Facebook or YouTube, while for other products you might be better off reaching out to relevant communities in your market.


I know it was a somewhat ambiguous question, but what did you personally do to drive traffic to your main Amazon product(s)? Obviously it worked out well for you.


I’ve tried different things over time (Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, YouTube, etc.), but I don’t use any of them on an ongoing basis. I mostly rely on internal traffic from Amazon.

You’re right that it’s getting more and more difficult to rank, so I find my time is better spent looking for the right opportunities up front, following a proper launch process and doing optimization tweaks.


Hey Dax,

You mention about following a proper launch process, can you possibly expand on this part a little please?

I’m new to selling on Amazon and just doing my research before diving in and i’ve read in a few places online about the importance of giving a product as big a launch as possible to help get it nice early high ranking.

Would be great to hear your thoughts on this and get some tips on the kind of stuff you should be thinking of doing when it comes to a product launch.

If you have any links to previous threads or other info on this, that would be fantastic.



Hi Matt,

I’ve got some material on the subject, but it’s in exclusive private areas of the forum for members of my bonus group.

However, the basic premise is that you want to give Amazon the impression that your product is in demand by customers by organizing sales in advance. This can be done in a variety of ways, including Facebook ads, discount coupons or some other method.


Thanks Dax. Ok thats makes sense, i’ll try and do a bit of research in that direction.

How does one get access to the private areas please?


@mattw, the private area (and coaching) is for members who purchase Amazing Selling Machine through my affiliate link.


ok thanks Dax!


Hi Dax,
Where is the best place to get all those member tips? I am confused about where to go for your training regarding ASM4. Thanks


@DebiKelland, there’s the private area of this forum, the Physical Profits membership area and the Facebook page.


This is a very important thread. I get asked a lot about the role of public relations in driving traffic to Amazon seller stores. There is a (in my view) misconception that writing a press release and sending it out on the wire all by itself will drive traffic. This approach is not without merit, but it’s probably not optimal, either. A press release that gets picked up by various feeds, such as Yahoo, will create some searchability (not SEO) - meaning, if you release an announcement that you have a new back scratcher, the link to your press release may come up on a search for back scratchers. So, in that sense, it might drive traffic. What works better, though it’s harder to do, is to submit your press release to reporters that are in your niche. So, in the example,look for reporters who write about personal care products and offer to brief them on your news. If they write about you, based on your press release, you will have a more solid, 3rd party endorsement of your product.


Possibly look at building a brand via Twitter, but ultimately your efforts would be better focussed on giving customers on Amazon an excellent buying experience, along with other factors which may influence product ranking, in my humble opinion.


business are quite slow for some traditional business, like running physical shops etc.

but some of my friends are doing great and getting better and better selling on amazon.

it seems amazon has great potential.


Hello, You need use different ways of promotion and after that make a conclusion what is better.
I do recommend: facebook, youtube, google ads, different thematical forums.


If you are looking for high sales on Amazon then you can do Amazon SEO & SMO, both are the best marketing techniques to get relevant traffic on Amazon products. These marketing strategies help to Improve Amazon ranking and sales as well.


If you want to rank your Amazon product then there are many things which matters and you should focus.
Such as:- On the product which you are selling, How you have listed your product etc. Amazon Appeal and product management company is here who can help you.