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Copywriting is one of the most important, but often ignored, aspects of a private label Amazon business.

I’m going to outline some best practices you should implement when writing your Amazon copy, but remembering to test your copy is just as important. Every product and market is different, so not even the best copywriter in the world will know exactly what works in any given situation. The only way to know you’ve got the best listing possible is to continue to test until you’re no longer able to improve conversions.

Before I continue, I’d like to acknowledge that I’m not a copywriting expert. I know the basics, but purchasing a book dedicated to the subject can be a worthwhile investment. The two that I’d be willing to recommend are:

The first thing I want you to do is forget about your specific product for a second. Every product purchase is driven by a want or a need that’s driving the customer. The customer is more interested in the problem that your product addresses than they are in the product itself.

Even if your product is a commodity like laundry detergent, why would they buy yours over another? Is it because it removes stains better than the others? Of course, cleaning well is a basic expectation of any laundry detergent, but that’s not why they are purchasing your product. Laundry is a chore that no one enjoys doing. A customer buying laundry detergent wants something that will make this process easier or more efficient.

Your customer want detergent that smells fresh and cleans well, but these are features of your product, not benefits that drive someone to make a purchase. Think about what’s in it for them.

  • Does the fresh smell give them confidence?
  • Does the integrated fabric softener mean that special someone will be begging to cuddle up with you?
  • Does the stain removal power mean less washes that will extend the life of their clothing?
  • Does the high efficiency mean they can spend more money on activities that they enjoy?

Don’t focus on the fresh smell, the integrated fabric softener, stain removal power or the high efficiency. Tell the customer what’s in it for them and WHY they should care about it. In what way will it improve their lives?

Copywriting is an art and there have been a lot of books written on the subject so I could never cover everything in a single post, but the above information should put you on the right track. If you’re serous about this business, it would be in your best interest to learn more about the fundamentals of copywriting. There are only a few resources I’m aware of that are specific to Amazon, so I’d recommend the ones I linked to above are where you get started if you’re interested in more information.

Overall, I’d say Amazon Advantage is the better option of the two books. I don’t think it covers the topic of features vs. benefits as well as the Copywriting Professor book, but it’s as good, or better, on all other important topics. Plus, it’s less expensive and its a digital book. The Copywriting Professor is a physical book that must be mailed out to you.

If you’re looking for someone to write your product descriptions for you, the Copywriting Professor offers this as a service.

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