WIKI: Understanding Barcodes - UPC vs. Amazon FNSKU


Yes. Each different variation will need its own FNSKU.

Also, you may already be aware of this, but it’s important to note
that Jewelry is a restricted category that requires approval before you can
offer an item. Make sure you are aware of all the requirements up front.


Thank you for your quick reply Dax.

To make sure I get this straight, same model different size, requires a FNSKU for each size?

Additionally, I purchased from a discount site some Branded Sunglasses at a good price and I was hoping to be able to sell them on Amazon, however since I am new and haven’t had any transactions yet, I would need to apply for an authorization to sell sunglasses, which I did but nobody replied yet, it’s been over 2 months now. Is there any other way I can list these branded sunglasses on Amazon?

Please advise.

Thank you.


[quote=“Dr.Creativity, post:23, topic:419”]
ake sure I get this straight, same model different size, requires a FNSKU for each size?[/quote]

Yes, you definitely need a unique FNSKU for each size. That’s the only way Amazon will be able to tell the difference between the variations.

Assuming the branded sunglasses you are trying to sell are listed in the Sunglasses category, you don’t have any other options to sell them on Amazon. Two months is a long time though. I would follow up. You could also consider using an ungating service if you have trouble getting approved on your own.


Hi Dax, thanks for the great article. There’s one thing I’m not 100% clear on though. I have a product I am manufacturing and selling myself, and I want to know if I should put a UPC or an FNSKU label on the product. You say:

you can send inventory to Amazon with EITHER a UPC or FNSKU

but in the article on commingled inventory you say:

I was forced to used Stickered Inventory even though I had already had my supplier print my UPC code onto the packaging. This means that I had to pay Amazon $0.20 per unit to label the products with an FNSKU for my first order and change my packaging later.

In my case my inventory will not be commingled so I want to put the right sticker on from the outset. It would be more convenient for me to use a barcoded UPC since I may ultimately use other (non-Amazon) channels. Is it the case that if you send non-commingled inventory to FBA with a barcoded UPC label that they will apply FNSKU labels at the $0.20 cost? Or is there a way to use UPCs for non-commingled inventory?

Any help is appreciated!


You’re right. The only way to have mon-commingled inventory is by using the
FNSKU. So, while you can ship inventory to the fulfillment centers with a
UPC code, Amazon will still apply the FNSKU and charge you 0.20 per unit.

There’s no way to have mon-commingled inventory without an FNSKU.


HI Dax,

I have one question I haven’t found anywhere.
Which one of these should I do first:
Create a listing and convert to FBA and get the FNSKU to have them printed on the packacking by the supplier ? or register the brand on Amazon?


I would create the listing first, but they are really completely separate


thank you very much :slight_smile:


I have a private label for a unique product and I am going to print the FNSKU on the bottle to avoid the .20 charge. How small call this be and still be acceptable to Amazon? I have maybe 3/4" length to work with as the bottle is not very large. A ups code could fit in the space just fine but I want to use the FNSKU.


That’s fairly small. I would check with Amazon directly to be see what they say.


Hi Dax,
I recently heard of some changes about Amazon policy for UPC codes.

Seems like they wanted people to get from GS1 instead of 3rd parties ?
new policy requiring all UPC Codes to be GS1 certified as of right now you cannot create a bundle on Amazon. It must match what you are selling ?


I’ve heard conflicting information about having to use GS1 codes, but I haven’t had a problem creating new listings for private label products.

As you said, I think the issue may have more of an impact on people who are trying to sell bundles of existing nationally branded products. Amazon is checking to make sure that the code prefix matches the brand you input on the listing.


Thanks for your sharing ,Dax


Hi Dax

Thank you for all this very useful information i have reg with gs1 and have a EAN barcode
after reading through your replies on the topic i might just print the FNSKU straight onto my product packaging
do you know if the box manufacture has to have a certain printer/ink to print ? does the barcode need to have a white background ??


Hi @BoxWish,

The FNSKU has to be high enough resolution to print, but I’m not aware of any exact specifications. I’m not sure if a white background is required, but I would highly recommend it as any other color could make it more difficult to scan.

I typically just download a PDF version of my FNSKU from Amazon and send it directly to my supplier. I’ve never had a problem doing it that way.


ok great thanks Dax!