WIKI: Using HTML in Your Amazon Product Description

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As of the date of this original post (December 2014), Amazon only allows the following HTML tags to be included in your product descriptions:

  • Boldface
  • Line Breaks
  • Paragraph Breaks
  • Bullet Points

Until recently, the Amazon system allowed additional tags, including italics, centering, font color, font size and more. You may still come across some listings that include these *forbidden* tags. This is either because the product is being Sold by Amazon, or it is a legacy product description that continues to work.

It should be noted that if the HTML remains because it is a legacy product description, once the seller makes any change to their listing, they will be forced to remove the violating code. This includes changes to the price, images, title, etc. Despite the fact that it’s still possible for 3rd party sellers to have legacy product descriptions that include a broad range of HTML tags, it is a violation of Amazon policies.

So, let’s focus on the three tags that are allowed now:

You can add boldface to your product description with the <b> </b> tag. The text in between these two tags will appear in bold.

Let’s say you wanted to use the phrase “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”, but have the word “brown” in boldface. You would surround the word “brown” in <b> </b> tags as follows:

The quick <b>brown</b> fox jumped over the lazy dog

Doing this will appear in your product description as

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

Line Break
You would use a line break tag if you wanted to start a new line of text immediately below the previous line of text. We do this using a <br> tag.

So, let’s say you wanted to have the following appear in your product description:

The quick brown fox jumped
over the lazy dog

Hitting Enter between the two lines of text wouldn’t have an impact on your product description and would look like this:

The quick brown fox jumpedover the lazy dog

In order to have it show up properly, we’d have to add the line break tag as follows:

The quick brown fox jumped<br>over the lazy dog

This would result in the desired output as:

The quick brown fox jumped
over the lazy dog

Paragraph Break
Paragraph breaks are similar to line breaks, except it provides some “padding” before the next line of text using the <p> </p> tags.

So, let’s say we wanted our example text to appear as follows:

The quick brown fox jumped

over the lazy dog

The paragraph tag adds that extra space between the two lines of text.

We did this by including the paragraph tag as follows:

<p>The quick brown fox jumped</p>over the lazy dog

You could create the same output by using two line break tags, but the paragraph tag allows you to do it more efficiently, saving characters for other text within your Amazon product description.

Now, you can use multiple tags within your product description. For instance, you could incorporate boldface, line breaks and paragraph breaks as follows:

<p>The quick <b>brown</b> fox jumped over the lazy dog.</p> The quick brown fox jumped over the <b>lazy</b> dog...<br>again, and again, and again.

This would result in the following output:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog...
again, and again, and again.

Bullet Points

Bullet points are a little different because you have to use ASCII code, which is basically a specific series of characters. They can be added to your listing by using the following code:



Let’s say we wanted to say that our product is small, light and portable in bullet point format so that it looks like this:

• Small
• Light
• Portable

We would use the following code to accomplish this:

&#8226; Small
&#8226; Light
&#8226; Portable

Now, you may notice that it takes seven characters to add each bullet, so they are “expensive” in that sense. If you are having difficulty keeping your product description within the 2,000 character limit, you may be better off just using a hyphen symbol ( - ) instead of the ASCII code so that it only takes up two characters (including the space).

This post is part of the ***Ultimate Wiki Project***.

The Ultimate Wiki Project: Selling on Amazon FAQ

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@Dax I tried using paragraphs, bold, and line breaks on my listing and Amazon is just putting everything in 1 paragraph, even though my listing used to work properly with paragraphs, bold and line breaks.

I just spoke with Amazon and they informed me that we can not use ANY html in our product descriptions… have you heard this?


I haven’t heard this, but it’s possible Amazon put additional restrictions in place. I will be creating a new listing in the next few days and will let you know if I have the same issue or if I hear anything from others.


@Dax quick update on this… i went back in the next day and pasted in my html description and it allowed it to update! there is no rhyme or reason why they allowed it this time. i guess like all other things you gotta stay persistent and be relentless even when Amazon tells you otherwise


Dax, guys, there is a bunch of sellers somehow put image in description and it’s not A+ page
they used tag p style="background:url(
but it’s not allowing to save, gives error “HTML content is not allowed in this field.”

any ideas how to do it?


You used to be able to add HTML to your listing even though it was against Amazon TOS. Now, their system doesn’t even allow certain HTML code to be entered, so I’m guessing the listings you see are grandfathered in with their old description.

It’s always possible there’s another way this was done, but this is probably what happened.


Dax: Flat File upload with plain HTML will be accepted for product description, is the work around, great post thanks for the information,


They system still allows basic HTML like bold and paragraph breaks. I haven’t tried using anything else in a while, but I don’t think much else is possible, even using a Flat File upload. Like I said, I haven’t tried anything else recently, so I could be wrong.


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